Individual contract

For Longer Term/Multi Bookings


Why do we need this guidance?

Infinity Therapies recognises how important it is to have a written agreement which clearly defines the service that will be provided to meet your needs. This agreement (also known as an individual contract/statement of terms and conditions) sets out the terms and conditions for receiving the service and arrangements for changing or ending it.

How will this happen?

Before you start to use Infinity Therapies we will agree with you or your representative the terms and conditions. This will include:

  • the specific type of service we will provide (e.g. type of therapy);
  • how often we will provide the service and for how long (the term)
  • the fees you will have to pay;
  • the overall support and services which are covered by the fee;
  • who will pay the fees - this could be you or a relative (from your own money or using your direct payments), or your Local or Health Authority, or another person or organisation, or a combination;
  • how the fees will be paid
  • any other services you receive
  • The period of notice to be given for ending the service arrangement;
  • how often this individual contract will be reviewed
  • what happens if things go wrong


The information will be in a format that you can easily understand and will be provided in advance of you using the service so you and your representatives can decide if they are acceptable. If these terms and conditions are acceptable to you, you or your representative will be asked to sign the agreement or contract.  The manager of the service will sign as well and we will give you and your representative a copy.


If you start to use the service in an emergency, you will be given all the information you need as soon as possible and we will complete the individual contract with you within 5 working days.




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