Your Horse is Your Mirror


Your horse will mirror you ~ Owners and horses are connected to each other energetically as the energy fields interact with each other.


If you are balanced in mind-body-spirit this will be reflected back to you. If an owner has underlying issues or is emotionally unstable this too will be reflected back through your horse. Emotional issues, if not dealt with, will lead to physical problems (dis-ease) within the body. Horses have also been known to take on their owners physical ailments, leaving vets and therapists unable to find the problem.


Although I believe a horse can come with previous 'baggage,' a kind, balanced owner can allow their horse to release blocked emotions and trauma related issues and move on to live a long fulfilling life.


Generally animals come in to our lives which are on the same vibrational energy level as us, perhaps with a lesson to give. 


Have you taken on a horse that's not the horse you bought and now has behavioural problems? The previous owners say they 'had non of that behaviour whilst he/she was here.'  This can be because the horse had shut down and was just made to 'get on with it.'  However, a change of owner and environment can allow the horse to show or start to release problems that had previously been suppressed, giving the impression that they are now 'trying it on!' Obviously it could be vice versa.


An emotionally happy and healthy horse will be more willing to work and interact with you. A balanced emotional state is beneficial as it can prevent bad habbits forming, illness and injuries.


Working on yourself as well as your horse is key :) 


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