Focus on Feet


Feet are often overlooked, under valued and neglected. They play a vital role in keeping the body balanced and stable as well as mobile!


If the feet are out of balance this will have a knock-on to the body as a whole and compensations will be made in other areas, causing muscular restrictions elsewhere.


As part of treating the feet during a session, they will be balanced out and if needed, toes that have been compressed and squashed into shoes, bunions and hammer toes will be opened out to aid in balancing the rest of the body. Heel discomfort and achilles issues can be addressed at the same time as can problems with the foot arches, foot/feet rolling on to one side and ankle flexion.


In summary:

Poor ankle flexion

Poor ankle extension

Poor side to side balance

Poor forwards/backwards balance

Feeling ungrounded

Compressed toes

Plantar Fascia issues


Happy feet keep you moving!











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