How the Holistic Healing Journey began

So sometimes a horse comes into your life for a purpose! Here's the culprit!


Safari arrived on the scene approximately 11 years ago and joined our family. What a life changer that was. Shortly after getting him we noticed he wasn't right. Within a short period of time, he was running around on three legs and was obviously in a lot of pain. The vet visited twice but was unsure what the problem was and said he could be taken into their centre for scans etc. He finished by saying that the outlook wouldn't be good and probably it would be a waste of money. (Or words to that effect.) So, tough decision was made and we decided that it would be kinder to have him PTS. 


My partner happened to mention this to a work collegue who also had a horse. She said to please contact a man she knew who did alternative therapies and to give this horse one last chance. We did so. After the alterative treatment Safari made a good recovery and we still have him today, although he is pretty much retired these days.


  .... and so the seed was sewn and my journey had now begun!


After trying to find out what had happened to this horse in the past, we placed an advert looking for the previous owner.  To cut a very long story very short, a whole can of worms then opened up and we found out he had had a very colourful past and numerous owners. One I am still in contact with now :)





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