Caroline Pitcher 

Mobile: 07538 442692



  • Muscle Release Therapy : 
  • EMMETT Practitioner
  • EMMETT Professional Level EP4 
  • Trained EMM-Tech Tutor (EMMETT)
  • EMMETT Technique Professional Level EP1 for Horses
  • Lymphatics:
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Equine Lymphatic Drainage
  • Energy Healing


I have carried out energy work on animals and people for a few years now and trained in Emmett Technique to take my work in a different direction if needed. I feel that this training has been invaluable and enhanced my understanding of the physical workings and pain release of the horse. Having completed the advanced level on horses, I then continued to the human practitioner training which is now complete. I will be continuing through the more advanced human levels to further expand my knowledge and further aid wellbeing for clients.

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