Biofield Therapy


Biofield Therapy is a unique holistic therapy that works on the physical, emotional and mental aspects and the energy field surrounding the body.


This therapy aims to balance, restore and harmonize the energy systems within and around the body, working on muscle, soft tissue, cells and organs as well as stored emotional incidents and trauma.


Suppressed emotions, physical and mental trauma cause the body to be out of balance and blocked, this can then lead to health/wellbeing and physical challenges.


The 'biofield' is the scientific name given to the electromagnetic field of energy surrounding and penetrating the human body. An electrical current runs from the electromagnetic field, which is approx. 6ft wider than the physical body, through the body in order for it to function. Scientists have studied this for 100yrs +


Sessions last for up to approximately 1hour per session



Biofield Therapy 


What is Biofield Therapy? How does it work? What are the benefits?





This therapy works subtly on different levels within the human energy field. With new technologies, science has now proved the existence of the once mystified energy fields both surrounding and within the body itself. (Electrical currents flow thoughout the nervous system sending and receiving information to/from the brain.)


We have around 75 billion cells, each cell having a vibratory frequency which together makes an energy field around the body! Life situtations, thoughts and emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, grief and shame can affect the overall energy fields, causing closure, imbalance and blockages within the body, energy centres and electro-magnetic field. Each energy centre is linked to particular body parts, glands and organs. The blockages within these fields can be permeated and cleared, removing stuck stagnant energy and emotions. 


As a trained Practitioner, I work using different techniques depending on the required outcome. The session starts by using general clearing techniques around the body, which quite often can be felt by the client, the session then works on specific areas based on the clients needs/requirements and finishes with various grounding techniques. The therapy uses different energies (electromagnetics) to aid the process and clear the energy fields during the sessions, thus allowing the body to heal itself.


In addition, if the client has immune system issues 'Psychokinesis' can be used for over 18's.






  • Stress Reduction - Induces relaxation
  • Pain Assistance - Can help alleviate discomfort and tension
  • Enhanced Healing - Complimentary therapy to support the body's natural healing process
  • Improved Emotional Wellbeing - Can address emotional imbalances and promote emotional clarity, emotional stability and a more centred/grounded feeling
  • Boosted Immune Function - A more balanced body can aid the function of the immune system
  • Increased Vitality - Removing energetic blockages & restoring balance can enhance physical stamina, mental clarity & emotional resilience
  • Mental Health Support - Promotes emotional balance & relaxation. Levels of anxiety and past trauma can be greatly reuced.
  • Holisitic Healing - Takes a holistic approach to health & wellbeing by considering the interconnectedness of the body, mind & spirit. Looks for the root cause which can lead to profound and lasting benefits
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